Q: How does wireless internet work?

A: We have fixed wireless radios in Washington & Rensselaer counties. These units send out a wireless signal to the community. When you sign up we will install a small radio antenna on the exterior of your property and a wire inside your home that connects to a router. You can then use multiple computers, iPads, smartphones, gaming systems, etc to game, stream, upload, download, all at high speed.​

Q: Is Bouncelinx Internet fast?

​A: Yes...it is! Unlike other internet providers, we don't overload our system so our customers always have the best service!


Q: Do you provide unlimited data?

A: Yes! We NEVER charge you for going over your plan. Our plans are the lowest cost of any wireless provider in Washington & Rensselaer County. When you buy a 10GB, 100GB, 200GB, 300GB, or a custom plan from us, we deliver full speed to you until you hit your selected plan level. Then, based on network load, we may need to slow your connection, but it's always on and available.

​Q: Can I get your service in my area?

A: We currently provide service to many in the rural Rensselaer County and Washington County vicinity, but are expanding everyday. Please sign up on our contact page and provide both the physical address and a phone number. From there we can map out your eligibility for service.

Q: Why do I want high speed internet if I have cable?

A. Cutting the cord to your cable supplier will save you an average of $50 a month while allowing you the freedom to stream only the content you want. Many of the most common channels offer online streaming video, and streaming services  like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are very affordable.

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